Mishael Porembski and her two daughters Arie and Sophia

Mishael Porembski and her two daughters Arie and Sophia


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Mishael Porembski

 Mishael Porembski in 2007, became a widowed mother. In just five short months, I lost her husband to suicide, gave birth to our second daughter, and lost her mother to breast cancer. Although very depressed, she craved a holistic grief empowerment program that helped younger widows, like herself, and helped her children recover from the losses they experienced. Tired of asking, “Why did this happen to me?” and wanting to take action, healing her mind, body, and spirit through healthy, wise choices. She asked some widowed friends to join her, and their lives changed dramatically. Not finding a program like this, she developed 180 Your Life to provide fresh, dynamic support teams to better empower bereaved women and our grieving families, which gave birth to 180 Your Grief. Seeing the need for additional support for men, children, and communities to experience the same life-changing journey of recovery she had experienced.

God provides Real Hope for Real Grief. Empowering widows, bereaved women and their children creates communities of health, hope and healing for generations to come. This becomes our Great God Adventure.
— Mishael Porembski, 180 Your Grief Inc.

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With a background in network news and a compelling story of helping other widows turn their tragedy into triumph, Mishael is a sought-after inspirational speaker and widowed mentor. 


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