Our Testimonies


Latonya Pringle- Widowed Mother

”After I ran my race, I felt stronger and realized I could do the next big thing in my life. I went back to school and got a degree in counseling and now help grieving children.”

Kaiya Pringle- Latonya's Pringle

“After we lost my dad, my mom and I mostly ate fast food, watched TV, and played video games. After she joined the team, we eat healthier, our house is beautiful, and my mom and Iexercise together outside. Grief was like having ten bricks on my shoulders and now they’ve been lifted off. If my mom is happy, I’m happy!”

Share Your Story of Triumph After Loss

LaTonya and her daughter are just two of the many people touched by 180 Your Grief's ministry but we would like to her your story too! Please message us below, your journey can help someone else overcome and find the path to new life after loss.

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