Mishael Porembski and her two daughters Arie and Sophia

Mishael Porembski and her two daughters Arie and Sophia

Mishael Porembski


Hi, my name is Mishael Porembski, founder of the nonprofit 180 Your Grief: Widows' Empowerment Center. In 2007, I became a pregnant widowed mother after the suicide of my husband when my first born daughter was almost three years old

As a widowed mom, I battled depression but knew my children deserved a good childhood. The most important factor in the health and wellness of a child experiencing loss is the health and wellness of their primary caregiver. I saw so many exhausted and depressed widowed moms, just like me.

I wanted to do something about it.

I couldn't find the holistic, health and wellness program for widows that I wanted...so I created it.

The widows on my team felt stronger, happier, and healthier after training together for six months! Their children now wanted to train for races too! I knew there was something important happening that could really help other widows.

Working in network news for over 20 years, I sought the best Georgia-based experts in grief recovery for body, mind, and spirit and created the 180 Your Life from Tragedy to Triumph: A Woman's Grief Guide, a print and online-video-based curriculum. Learn more at 180YourLife.com & 180u.teachable.com

Our nonprofit 180 Your Grief Widows' Empowerment Center is the only brick-and-mortar  Atlanta-based, full-time widows' facility dedicated to empowering the local widowed community in-person and the widowed community online. We hope you'll join us.

There is Real Hope for Real Grief. Empowering widows and their children creates communities of health, hope and healing for generations to come. This becomes our Great God Adventure.
— Mishael Porembski, 180 Your Grief Inc.

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With a background in network news and a compelling story of helping other widows turn their tragedy into triumph, Mishael is a sought-after inspirational speaker and widowed mentor. 


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